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Welcome to 100mphscooter.com

The Ultimate High Performance Scooter Club

Thanks for visiting our website.

Being an internet based scooter club it doesn't matter where in the world you are, we want to know just how fast your scooter is to include your efforts in our Speed listing.

Our ambition is to assist the scooterist who's aim is to record that magical 100mph or 160.93kph, by listing events and sharing information between tuners and riders to get them there.

We are working closely with national and international organisations to produce a website which will provide details of scooter sport events from all around the world including sprint events, tarmac, sand and salt top speed events, circuit racing, hill climbing etc. all which can be found on our Events page.

We're working with BSEC 'British Scooter Endurance Club', 243 Road Racing Association, Oliver's Mount, UK and Santa Pod, Bedfordshire, UK to get scooters to a number of their events enabling everyday scooterists the opportunity to take part in an organised scooter sport event along side the racers.

We have also organised the odd fun event at UK National scooter rallies. These were sprints over a 100 meter or 200 meter distance, free to enter, and were a great way to show everyone how fast your scooter is. Unfortunatelly due to Health and Safety, we have not been able to run these events for a few years

Register your membership with 100mphscooter.com for FREE by simply completing our contact form to register your speed. And if you have any photo's or video, attach them too so we can add them to the site.

Don't forget to visit and like our facebook page.

Official 100MPH Certificate

New for 2017 and ongoing, we shall recognise any scooter/rider that has achieved an official top speed of 100mph and more, by presenting the rider with an official certificate.

It doesn't matter whether the speed has been attained on the drag strip, tarmac, sand or salt top speed event, circuit racing, or a hill climb, but to give these Elite Riders the recognition they deserve, only a rider/scooter that can provide an official timing slip from an official event will qualify for a certificate.

The fist presentation of certificates took place at Scooter World held at Newark, UK on 7th January 2017, and was covered by Classic Scooterist Magazine.

So if you have run an official 100mph or more, you need to get your official timing slip from the event to me to legitimate your certificate.

Other Information

100mphscooter.com is a none profit making, internet based, scooter club which is run by scooter enthusiasts, for scooter enthusiasts.

Registered riders range from scooter circuit racing, sprinting and hill climbing in the UK, Europe and America, to a couple salt lake racers. One in Australia and one in USA

The information listed on this website is information connected directly with riders and supporters of 100mphscooter.com "The Ultimate High Performance Scooter Club"

Where necessary, I have gained permission to use the information and images found within these pages. However, if anyone would rather I didn't use any of the information or images please email pete@100mphscooter.com and I will remove it immediately.

If you have any issues whatsoever with this website, or would like to contact us for any reason, please complete our contact form or email pete@100mphscooter.com and we will reply to you as soon as we possibly can.

Thanks for visiting the site and we hope you enjoy its content.

100mphscooter.com is supported by the following organisations:

We are currently in communication with other organisations who are expected to join us.