Scooter Shootout

For the Past 5 or 6 years I have discussed the potential of a Scooter only event with Trevor Duckworth from Straightliners.

Scooter Shootout is a 100% Scooter event organised by the riders of, with assistance from Straightliners who are providing the timing equipment and help with administration.

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The information which has been updated today is listed in Blue so if you have recently read the information you can skip the bits you know and just read the new stuff


Confirmed details so far:

Elvington Airfield, Halifax Way, York, YO41 4AU
2nd October 2011
10.00am - 4.00pm
Saturday night camping:
Camping is available by prior arrangement. The site owner is allowing people to camp, but he has requested that he is made aware of how many people will be doing so. If you are traveling to the event on Saturday and you require to camp please let us know. A water point, toilets and a food van are available, but that's all. To assist us to get this event next year, anyone camping must be on their best behavior. Once on the site there will be no running of engines until 10:00AM Sunday.
One day 'Scooter Only' event. If 2011 is successful we have been promised a weekend event to be held mid summer in 2012.
Confirmed attractions so far:
Moto Gymkhana - follow the link for a video
Dyno Shootout - See who has the highest BHP and top MPH
Custom Show
Two lane ¼ mile drag strip - follow the link for a video
A number of issued and concerns have arisen with regards running the 1/2 mile distance, one being the noise which two stroke engines make. The issues have been addressed and the 1/2 mile may still go ahead, but for now one lane shall be a 500 Meter Top Speed lane
Confirmed attractions continued:
Scooter Techniques Mobile Workshop
Scooter Importers - Test ride new scooters
Trade Stalls
Parts Fair
Magazine Stalls
BSSO Stand
Custom Show:
Restored Vespa
Custom Vespa
Restored Lambretta
Custom Lambretta
Best Auto
Best Oddity
Overall Best in Show
Best BHP
Top Speed
Best Time
General Trophies:
Best Turned Out Club
Furthest Travelled
Fastest "Challenger" in Class:
Fastest Lambretta up to 200cc
Fastest Lambretta above 200cc
Fastest Vespa up to 120cc
Fastest Vespa above 120cc
Fastest Auto up to 100cc
Fastest Auto above 100cc
Fastest Maxi (Auto 200cc+)
Fastest Oddity
Fastest Wheelie
Fastest BSSO Group 4
Fastest BSSO Group 6
Fastest BSSO Group 6a
Fastest BSSO Group 10
Fastest None Street Legal Scooter
Fastest Street Legal Scooter
Fastest Overall at the event

Signing in:
1/4 mile and 500 meter riders sign on with Straightliners
Farthest Travelled, Best Turnout Club, Custom Show sign on at the 100mph gazebo
Gymkhana contestants sign on at the Gymkhana
Dyno contestants sign on at the Dyno
All entrants must sign on to be eligible to win a trophy
The signing in procedure:
Produce your scooter for scrutineering where it shall be checked over to ensure it is safe to run on the drag strip. Once it has passed, the scrutineerer will give you a signed card stating the class which you are running in. You shall then take your scooter for its noise test where your card shall be signed again as proof that your scooter has passed the relevant tests. You will then show your card at the signing on desk where you will be given an event number. Be sure to put your number in a place on your scooter where the time keepers can see it. If they cant see your number you wont get a ticket for your runs
Custom Show:
Entrants in the custom show must park their scooters in the designated area which shall be advised at the event. The custom show will close at 12:30
Trophy Presentation:
Custom show trophy presentation shall be toward the end of lunch
All other trophies shall be presented at the end of the event around 4.00pm
T&G's Peugeot Speedfight Competition:
The T&G Magazine Peugeot Speedfight Competition shall be run at Scooter Shootout
The three Scooters tuned by PM Tuning, Chiselspeed and Readspeed, shall have 3 runs each on the drag strip at set times throughout the day
Proposed site layout:
Right lane shall be 1/4 mile and 500meters, not 1/2 mile

Demo Runs:
Demo Runs shall be made throughout the day by; riders, Frank Osgerby for the first time in some 20 years with his 100+mph Lambretta Special, Phil Wood on his 7 second, 170mph, 1300cc Turbo Hayabusa, Trevor Duckworth on his World Record breaking 3 wheeler, plus more to be confirmed.
Other Big Names Taking Part:
Keith Terry on his 132mph Lambretta, Scooter Centre Kolne, plus more who have not yet confirmed

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Now the important stuff:

¼ Mile - As this is a Scooter Event with scooters being ridden to the event, if a visiting scooterist sporting Spotlights and Mirrors, wearing Parker, Jeans & Hush Puppies decides he wants a run up the ¼ mile, this will be allowed. However, safety at the event shall be overriding and the use of suitable protective clothing is recommended.
½ Mile Top Speed - Riders wanting to run the ½ mile Top Speed shall need an ACU approved helmet with a visible gold sticker. Suitable protective clothing is required, for example one piece, or two piece zip together leathers, or similar suitable protective clothing, boots and gloves.
Pits - Scooters being ridden in the pits or anywhere other than either activity shall be ridden in a manner not to cause distress to other visitors. Helmets must always be worn whilst riding on site. Anyone Racing, Wheelie'ing or similar shall be jeopardizing future events and shall be escorted from the site and shall not have their monies refunded.
Noise Limit:
Noise Level 98db - Most motor sport venues have noise limits; even the likes of Santa Pod shall be introducing a noise limit in 2012. All scooters taking part in the attractions at Shootout shall have to be noise tested and shall have a sticker placed on the scooter to show its db reading. Elvington's street vehicle limit is 98db, with a slightly higher limit for Competition vehicles. To take part in the attractions you must ensure that your scooter does not exceed 98db. However, readings may vary from decibel machine to decibel machine and venue to venue, additionally atmospherics etc. could also have an effect on db readings. So with this in mind, if a scooter records slightly higher than the 98db the 'Clerk of the Course' will have the final decision as to whether the scooter can take part or not.
Test Method:
Auto Scooters must be placed on a stand
Geared Scooters shall be tested in neutral
Two Stroke Engines shall be tested at 6000rpm
Four Stroke Engines shall be tested at 4500rpm
The sound level meter shall be placed 50cm from the exhaust silencer at an angle of 45degrees from the exhaust
Follow this link to see more about making your scooter pass the db noise level test.
Site Entry:
Saturday 1st October - Elvington Events Ltd is holding an event on the site. Shootout visitors are allowed to camp on Saturday night by prior arrangement, but will not be allowed onto the venue until the Saturday event has cleared the site. Entry onto the site shall be 18:00 onwards. Elvington Airfield is not a camp site. But the land lord is kindly allowing people traveling to the event from a distance to camp over on Saturday night. However, the only facilities is a tap for water supply, toilets and a food van
Sunday 2nd October - The gates shall open at around 08:30 with the commencement of Scooter Shootout at 10:00
Gate Entry: £10 per person, £15 for a family, Children up to 16 FOC
Moto Gymkhana: £5
Dyno: £8
Drag Strip: £5 for One Run, £10 for Three Runs, £25 for All Day
Entry Procedure:
Moto Gymkhana: You will pay the organisers of the Moto Gymkhana
Dyno: You will pay the organisers of the Dyno
Drag Strip: You will pay the organisers of the Drag Strip. You will then take your scooter to be scrutineered to ensure it is safe to run on the drag strip. The scrutineer will also verify your helmet and protective clothing. Then it's the noise test. Then join the queue to race. If you pay to run all day just keep joining the queue and running as many times as you can.
Driving Licence:
If you have a driving licence, whether provisional or full, you need to show it when you pay to run on the drag strip.
If you haven't got a driving licence don't worry. You can still run on the drag strip but your first three runs shall be monitored to ensure you can handle your scooter. Once we are happy, you can run without being monitored.
Elvington is a live airfield and it is imperative that we do not leave any litter on the site.
It is important for everyone to be responsible for putting their litter into the bins provided or taking it home with them.

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A number of shops and scooter clubs have requested the flier to hand out to promote Scooter Shootout, so we made it available for download Click here to Download
Everybody's support is welcome, 'without it' the event simply won't happen. But 'with it' next years event will be a full weekend event.