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Welcome to 100mphscooter.com

The Ultimate High Performance Scooter Club

Thanks for visiting our website, which unfortunately is down for refurbishment.

We are working closely with international organisations to produce a new website going live in the new year of 2017 providing details of scooter sport events from all around the world including sprinting events, tarmac, sand & salt top speed events, circuit racing, hill climbing etc.

New for 2017 and ongoing, we shall recognise any official top speed of 100mph and more by presenting the rider with an official certificate.

The fist presentation will take place at the Scooter World evening event held at Newark, UK on 7th January 2017. So if you've run 100mph or more you need to get your official timing slip to me to legitimate your certificate.

Until the new site is live, you can contact us by using the contact button in the top right hand corner of this information box or in the main menu acress the top of the page.

And for realtime information go to our facebook page.

Thanks for everyone's support over the last eight years.

With a little work 100mphscooter.com will soon be back on track.

Thanks for your patience, have a great Christmas and all the best for 2017 from all at 100mphscooter.com.

Where necessary, I have previously gained permission to use the images which I am using on these new pages. However, if anyone would rather I didnt use any of the images please email pete@100mphscooter.com and I will remove it.

100mphscooter.com is supported by the following organisations:

We are currently in communication with other organisations who are expected to join us.