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There were more
than 850 people
attended the original Scooter Shootout
in 2011 with an
impressive 125 riders.
Some riders had
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Latest News
1/4 mile Sprint Championship

to be run in conjunction with
The National Sprint Association - Northern Section

The Championship will consist
of six rounds held
in the UK. The venues &
dates can be viewed
at the events page

All the information you
require to take part
is in the main body
of this page

However, if you want
to contact us fill
in our enquiry form or
go to our facebook page


Aintree Sprint
VJMC motorcycle show,
auto jumble & trade stands
04th August 2013
For further information
please see
Blackline Sprinting
Facebook page

or contact them on

Aintree Sprint:
Event Introduction Letter
Event Regulations
Event Entry Form


Mortons Media
organised their first
Classic Scooter Show
which was held at the
Newark Classic Bike Show
5th & 6th of January 2013
displayed seven
Classic Sprinting Scooters which when their top
speeds were added together
accumulated to
were formally invited
by the organisers of
Bulldog Bash
to take part in their
event being held on
August 9-12, at
Shakespeare County Raceway

This event was the first time Scooter Classes
had been included


As part of the Lambretta
Club of Great Britain
65th Anniversary
were asked to oganise a

Which we tongue
in cheek called



The event was run over
a 1/8th mile sprint track
much in line with
European-style sprint meetings and took place between 10am and 4pm


It was open to all
scooterists Classic & Auto,
had 80 entries, and literarily
hundreds of spectators
throughout the day

Entries ranged from
50cc Lambretta Vega's recording 35mph to purpose
built Lambretta Sprinters
recording 86mph.
PM Tunings Twin Auto Lambretta treated everyone
to a half dozen runs
throughout the day recording
a massive 94mph over the
1/8th mile distance

We had Geared and
Auto Vespas, modified
road going scooters and
even an electric scooter
taking part in the event

More on this will be published in 'Classic Scooterist Scene' and 'Twist & Go' Magazines


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Scooter Shootout

was held at Elvington Airfield on 02/10/11. With over 850 people through the gate and 125 scooters taking part on the drag strip the event was a massive success.
Information from the event is being collated and an article shall soon be uploaded on here for you to read.
The three major Scootering magazines were in attendance and will be publishing articles and photo's.
If you attended Scooter Shootout "Thankyou very much for your support" and if you didnt, "You dont know what you missed"
The results from the event are available by clicking on the images at the top of the right hand column.

East Kirkby 24/07/2011:
East Kirkby has always
been known as a Fast Track for scooters and 14/07/11
was no different. Apart from many Personal Bests being acheived, Jordan O'Doherty
recorded a massive
on Shiny Reds SRT183cc Street Legal Gilera Runner

Well Done Team Shiny Red

Pete Hoy riding Blue Dwarf had an off at Santa Pod
on 09-04-11

"Yes i crashed @ 70-80mph
at the 330ft marker!
Header tank blew spewing antifreeze over the back tyre after the nitrous lit me up"

"Brilliant run, previous baby run was a gentle 12.5 at 106mph with a pathetic 60ft!
This baby was half a second quicker @ 60ft! just settled into the ride, nice and tucked, nitrous on 100% and she spit me off!!!!!! Hit the track hard! but rolled with it, head took out the 330ft timing light lol!
Minimal damage to Blue Dwarf (in fact I might be back out next weekend!) just need to fix the head gasket and rig the header to blow into a catch tank (in case it ever happens again!)Me? Bruised battered but not broken. No worries mate I`m ok and looking foward to finishing
this bloody run!


I think we're all please
Pete walked away !
All the best Pete

East Kirkby 03/04/2011:
Shiny Red Tuning's
SRT183 Gilera Runner

with Jordan O'Doherty
on board, recorded
95mph in 13.45 seconds


Keith Hudson

aboard his
JB Tuned Lambretta
ran a superb
98mph in 13 seconds
at both East Kirkby
and Elvington


Ian Campbell

ran 96mph
at his 3rd ever
sprint event


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Welcome to
The Ultimate High Performance Scooter Club


The majority of Scooters have not achieved the magical
100mph, but all the same with today's tuning and today's
tuners, more scooters are actually breaking the 100mph barrier.


We want to know just how fast your Scooter really is, and include your efforts in our Speed & Records listing.


Please Register for membership and Submit your Speed. If you have any Photo's or Video
let us have them also so we can add them to the site.


Whether you have managed 50mph, 70mph or 90mph, in fact whatever speed you have achieved we want to know, and we will list you and your machine, including its spec for the whole world to see just what you have achieved.


PSN Sprinter


Our ambition is to assist the scooterist who's aim is to
record that magical 100mph or 160.93kph, by listing events and sharing information between tuners and riders to get you there.



Thist year there are a number of 1/4 Mile Sprint events and Top Speed events. There are a couple of Scooter Only weekend events and a National Record Event all which can be seen on our Events page.


A trip to Germany to the Scooter Centre Kolne 'Max Speed Festival' is on the cards, but we are awaiting confirmation that the event is on.


For those of you who would like to take part in an
event but are not sure what to do, our The Idea page
will advise you on how 1/4 mile sprint event's and a
top speed event's are run. Take a look, its not as
difficult as you may think.


You don't have to reside in the UK to be a member of All you need to do is Register
by completing the form at Submit Your Speed, email your timing slip (and a photo if you have one) and your information will be added to our listing.


Each time you improve your 'Top Speed' simply re-submit your details and we will update your speed
and profile accordingly.


Taking part at 1/4 mile sprint events


Kevin Jones

Firstly, you dont have to take part in any championship
to take part at a 1/4 mile sprint event.

You can simply turn up to an event, run your scooter and
take home a timing slip to prove exactly how fast it is.

However, be aware that at some venues and some events
you can get away with a full motorcycle licence, others you
will require an ACU race licence, which you should be able
to buy at the event on Single Day or Full Year format.



Anyone wishing to take part in the 1/4 Mile Sprint Championship is required to make themselves a member of the Northern Section of the National Sprint Association.

Membership will cost you £25.00 for the year, and an ACU Race Licence will cost £43.00 for the year which will enable you to compete at all NSA events.

Alternately, if you only intend taking part in our six round championship or a handfull of events, a day licence will cost
only £7.00 at each event.


Click on the NSA image to see the NSA Flyer


NSA - Northern membership can be purchased by downloading the membership form and posting it to
Jayne Glover at the address on the bottom of the form. Jayne can also be contacted by email or by telephone
on 01202 880509.


To purchase an ACU licence you first need to make yourself a member of the NSA when you will be given
a unique reference number.

If you are taking part in the Championship then your membership needs to be with the NSA - Northern Section.

Once your membership is sorted, you can purchase your licence online using the unique reference number. Or if you prefer you can download the application form, complete it and post it to Helen Greathead. If you have any questions contact Helen Greathead by email
or call Helen direct on 01724 347801.


Or you can simply purchase your membership and licence at an event.


'Like' NSA - Northern facebook page and NSA - Southern facebook page for up to date National Sprint Association information



Germany 2008

Additionally, if you go to an event as a spectator and the
'Sprint Monster' gets you, catch hold a Scooter Sprinter, one of the NSA Members or one of the event organisers
who will advised what to do at which point you will begin having a fantastic day.


Even taking part at a single event your speeds achieved will be uploaded onto our Speed & Records page.


However, if you do intend taking part at an event it is advisable to make yourself a member prior to the event.
When you arrive at an event you will be all revved up wanting to race and you wont want to be hanging around sorting your membership and licence out.


2014 Event/s


A list of all 2014 events can be seen on the
events page.






Classes Explained


From Street Scooter to Top Scooter

Classes Explained




1/4 Mile Sprinting and Top Speed Weekends - Explained


The idea of 1/4 Mile Sprinting, and the procedure for
Sprint Events and Top Speed Weekends






Pass the 'db' noise test

Sound Test


A number of venues used for events are disused airfields.


Some are subjected to noise restrictions by local councils.


To continue using these venues for sprinting and top speed
events everyone needs to comply with the noise restrictions.


If we dont, we run the risk of loosing the venues.


With this in mind, I have gathered information from a number of
Dirt Bike and Moto Cross web sites and forums for advice on how to quieten 2 stroke engines for the db, or sound meter test. Merchandise Hoody's, Patches, Shirts & Beanie Hats are available. embroidered hoody's are available in Granite with Orange embroidery as in the image,
with or without zips.
Click on the hoody image to see it bigger


Or choose your own colours to match your scooter.


Hoody's are £25.00 plus post, and
patches are £5.00 plus post. Iím happy to combined delivery to reduce cost.


Contact me with:
1. Hoody size
2. Hoody colour
3. Embroidery colour
4. Do you want a zip
5. Do you want a patch
6. I need a delivery address.


Iíll reply with the total cost and paypal
details for your payment.




On 02/10/2011, at Elvington Airfield, York, UK.


The riders from (with assistance from Straightliners) held "SCOOTER SOOTOUT"
our first ever 100% Scooter Event.


Having more than 850 people come through the gate and 125 riders taking part in the Sprinting, Top Speed, Moto Gymkhana, Dyno Shootout and other attractions, the event was considered an overall success. Immediately after the event, discussions with Straightliners and Elvington Events were positive toward a Scooter Shootout event in 2012 and we were actually given the go ahead for a weekend event in 2012.



Due to the increased interest towards the 2012 event we were concerned that Scooter Shootout may become too big to try and relay the relevant information via the 100mph website, so the domain name was purchased so the event has its own dedicated website to keep everyone up to date on 2012 and future Scooter Shootout events

A basic layout has been uploaded which you can see if you follow this Scooter Shootout link.

But while you are here, you may as well click on the images below to see the results from the 2011 event.


Thanks to Lee Hollick for the use of his photo's


If you are having problems viewing the results in PDF format, download this free edition of Arobe Reader



Contact us with your thoughts and opinions on the event by completing our contact form

Your constructive criticism is welcomed to assist us to make future events bigger and better.


Stuff from the News Column


Lewis Laurito from USA ran his 1949 Salsbury Model 85 with Factory Sidecar at the Annual Motor Scooter Land Speed Trials and set a new 42mph Top Speed Record
Blue Dwarf Santa Pod 10-10-10 Pete Hoy on his Top Scooter 'Blue Dwarf' ran 108mph in 12.1 seconds
Santa Pod 10-10-10 and East Kirkby 03-04-11 Pete Newbold on the 'Loon Racer' Top Scooter ran 103mph in 12.5 seconds and at Elvington 17-04-11 he recorded 100mph in 12.6 seconds
Santa Pod 10-10-10 Jamie Newbold's 180cc Competition Scooter'Lilloon Racer' ran 86mph in 14.2 seconds and at East Kirkby on 03-04-11 he recorded a personal best of 94mph in 13.3 seconds
Santa Pod 10-10-10 Keith Hudson recorded a massive 97mph on his Street Legal GP225cc Lambretta and at both East Kirkby 03-04-11 and Elvington 17-04-11 he recorded
98mph in 13 seconds. Hopefully 2011 should see the first Street Legal Traditional Scooter record 100mph.
Good Luck Keith
Santa Pod 10-10-10 Tim Elkes ran an impressive 85mph on his 225cc Street Legal Lambretta and at East Kirkby 03-04-11 he recorded a personal best 90mph in 14.5 seconds
Santa Pod 10-10-10 Tony Cummins ran 83mph on his Street Legal Vespa powered by a 172cc Quattrini Kit
20-06-10 Round 4 at Elvington Airfield nr York, had almost perfect conditions for 1/4 mile sprinting and resulted in Shaun Fairhead setting a new track record in the up to 260cc Traditional Street Scooter class when he recorded a massive 13.99 second pass backed up with 14.2 and 14.3 seconds.
20-06-10 Round 4 at Elvington Airfield nr York, Russell Milnes also had a fantastic day when he constantly broke the up to 210cc Traditional Street Scooter class record ending his day recording 85mph in 15.42 seconds backed up with 15.61 seconds
20-06-10 Round 4 at Elvington Airfield nr York, Richard Baker on Frightened Chicken, a methanol burning Top Scooter Lambretta attached his fairing and ran an impressive 100mph
132mph Lambretta


On 15th August 2009 Keith Terry aboard KEGRA's"Kursaal Flyer"recorded a massive 132mph at the Straightliners top speed event held at Elvington Airfield


As far is aware, this is the fastest speed ever achieved by a Normally Aspirated Lambretta in the World


Well Done Keith!!
Team Dwarf do it again Saturday 30/05/09 Dave Hoy riding Red Dwarf recorded an ET of 11.903 seconds @ 108.27mph, backed up with 11.976 seconds @105.73mph. As far as is aware, this is the quickest 1/4 mile pass for a normally aspirated Twist & Go Scooter in the World


Well Done Dave!!


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